Making a QML gauge from GIMP

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Drawing a gauge using GIMP

Steps to create a speedometer gauge. It uses script. Once it has been downloaded, it should be copied at ~/.gimp-2.8/scripts folder giving execution permissions (chmod u+x ).

indicador00.xcf is a free version of previous tutorial.

Exporting from GIMP to QML

Download at ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins folder giving execution permissions (chmod u+x ).

Restart GIMP to have the export command added to the File menu. Choose File > Export to QML to export GIMP design to a QML file. In the Export Layers to a QML Document dialog, enter a name and location for the QML file, and click Export.

Indicador00.qml and Indicador00_images folder exported from indicador00.xcf

(Official info: Exporting from GIMP to QML from )

Modifying exported QML file

Original Indicador00.qml file.


Copying Indicador00.qml to Indicador00.ui.qml and modifying some lines:


At the header swapping

import QtQuick 2.5


import QtQuick 2.9
import QtQuick.Controls 2.2

and all image paths starting by Indicador00_images/


have been changed to qrc:/imatges/imatges/


Also it has been added an ID

 id: giny

and a new alias property

property alias value: capabusca.rotation

To be able to rotate needle


has been added rotation property


capabusca comes from Catalan capa busca meaning needle layer

Giving values to gauge

I have taken advantage of QML dashboard example to generate dynamic values. In this project I am using ValueSource.qml Example File without any modification.

This is the main.qml:


Using ValueSource.qml

ValueSource {
   id: valueSource

and showing its kph value at top-left corner

Text { parent
   text: valueSource.kph

Gauge Indicador00 is centered and valueSource.kph is giving a value to speed2angle javascript function

function speed2angle(nV){
   return nV*360/160;
   anchors.centerIn: parent
   value: speed2angle(valueSource.kph)

These are the qml.qrc contents:


Compiling and running

If after compiling you are not able to see the gauge, then try Build/Run qmake menu option and Run again.

If you want to try this app on Android you can download imatge01.apk and install it.